Villa Kayenta

Medieval hill-top village of Grimaud with its partially restored feudal castle and St Michael's church (both 11th century) is only 5 km away. The mountain village of La Garde Freinet - original site of Fraxinet, a Moorish settlement of the 9th and 10th centuries - is 8 km in the opposite direction. From atop old Fort Freinet one can see the plains of Saint-Clément and the Argens valley with Alps in the distant backgound.

Port Grimaud with its attrachtive marina and "Venetian look" with its canals is just a few kilometers away. The Church of St Francis of Assisi on its main square contains stained glass by international renowned PopArt master Victor Vasarely. Port Grimaud and Port Cogolin, both only 10 km from Villa Kayenta, have attractive beaches.

Distances. The distance from Grimaud to Gassin is 7 km,  to both St Maxime and St Tropez less than 20 km. The distance from Grimaud to Toulon is 50 km and to both Marseille and Aix-en-Provence 90 and 93 km, respectively. From Grimaud to Cannes is 50,  to Nice 76 km.

There are several beautiful golf clubs in the area the most famous being Golf de Beauvallon on the road to St Maxime. Sainte Maxime Golf Course is also nearby while, on the way to Gassin, there is the Gassin Golf Country Club.


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